Keeping The Beat

The girl laid down a solid beat. Despite her cute young “earth mother” body, she was “one of the guys”, able to dish it out and take it during our frequent screaming matches. Her round face would get red under her long black hair. Her ample tits would bounce as she put her hands on hips, spread her sexy legs and stood her ground. At that time we were grabbing any work we could scrounge up but we dreamed of chart topping hits and worldwide tours while we fought to find our sound.

I had written a song the previous night and was excited about it. Some songs take a lot of work. This one seemed like a gift from the music gods. I was so eager to play it for someone that I decided to pop by the shed two hours before we’d planned to rehearse. In my creative glow, it never even occurred to me that Bonnie might have other plans for the early afternoon. If I’d thought of it all, I would have called to let her know I was dropping by. Then again, had I called I would have missed out on an incredible experience.

The shed was a relic from the late 1950s. Bonnie’s grandfather had started building a fallout shelter not too far from their farmhouse. As Bonnie tells it, he ran into some financial troubles and never completed it. Bonnie’s father and a few friends took the half-completed shelter and turned it into the shed when they were in their teens. It was a strange structure. Over half of it was underground. The shed windows were like skylights and you had to walk downstairs from the door. But, it had electricity, running water, plenty of space, furniture and a good deal of natural soundproofing. It was a perfect place for struggling superstars-to-be to work out their licks.

Using a shortcut through the woods, I walked to Bonnie’s place just carrying my guitar. My new song was packed in my guitar case. Passing by the shed, I glanced in a window on the chance that Bonnie might be there rather than in the house. Oh, she was there all right. Boy, was she ever!

She was half-naked on the couch. Her healthy tits had large pink aureole with round, hard nipples. She was gently rubbing each of them as she sat there in a pair of red shorts. I put down my guitar case and moved a little to the side of the window. The shed was between the house and me; the woods were to my back. Bonnie would have to be looking up at the window to see me and, from the looks of things, she was more interested in her large, firm tits than anything else right now. For that matter, so was I.

She began rubbing her fingers around her nipples. Her eyes were closed and she had a small smile on her face. My dick was getting hard from viewing her booby play. It sprung right up to full attention when she lifted her hips and pulled her shorts and panties down to her knees. Under her slightly rounded belly sat a lush forest of black hair. Within that dark forest, her pussy was waiting for attention. She didn’t keep it waiting long. Picking up a drumstick from the table, she slid it down between her legs, the plastic tip parted the hairs and touched the lips of her cunt. I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. My hard cock came out to taste the summer air. I wrapped my fingers around the rigid shaft while watching Bonnie slide the tip of the drumstick along her slit. She moved the stick around uncovering more of her wet pink slit and I began moving my hand up and down the length of my prick. The warm sun felt so good on my naked organ that I risked dropping my jeans to my knees. A light breeze tickled my naked ass and balls. My eyes were glued to the window as Bonnie began rotating the tip of the drumstick around her hooded clit. Her belly was contacting and expanding with her increased breathing. She still had that small smile on her face but now she was lightly biting her lower lip. 

I jumped for a second when she reached over to the table to grab the other drumstick. Her tits dangled down for a moment in all their glory. She slid her shorts and panties down to her ankles and kicked them off.Bonnie then laid down on the couch with her legs spread, her drumsticks clenched in her right hand and her left hand rubbing her tasty looking twat. Her long black hair was facing my window but I had a great view of her large breasts, hard nipples, beautiful legs and black bush. I could watch her hand moving around between her legs but I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing down there. Whatever it was, it was effective. Her hips were lightly rocking to the motions of her left hand. I was jerking my cock to the same motions.

When she brought her left hand up to her left tit her fingers were wet. She smeared pussy juice around her nipple. Holding the drumsticks in her right hand she moved them down toward her pussy and gently slid both of them about a third of the way into her warm and juicy cunt. Rubbing her breasts, she began moving the drumsticks inside her and thrusting her hips with every downward motion. She was fucking her drumsticks and her drumsticks were fucking her. Standing outdoors with my jeans down to my knees I was jerking off right along with her, imagining that hot pussy wrapped around my hard cock like it was wrapped around that pair of drumsticks that she was fucking with such energy and enthusiasm.

Her hips and my hips both began bucking harder and faster. She held the sticks together in her fist as she moved them in and out of herself at a rapid pace. Her left hand had abandoned her swaying tits to play with her clit. Her ripe, rich naked body was thrashing on the couch with her frantic fucking motions. My legs were trembling as the cum built within me, approaching an inevitable explosion. Bonnie raised both of her shapely legs into the air, forming an incredibly sexy naked letter V. Her entire body seemed to strain toward the sensations building at the base of that letter as she rocked on the couch. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My cock began to jerk and spasm, gobs of cum shot into the grass with the force of my intense orgasm. 

I looked back into the window to see Bonnie’s knees raised, her feet planted firmly on the couch, her cute ass in the air as she held the drumsticks about half way inside her and quivered up against them.

In a drained daze, I pulled up my underpants and jeans. Picking up my guitar case I headed back through the woods to my house. Maybe after I showered and changed my underpants, I’d give Bonnie a call to let her know I was planning to show up early. One thing I knew for sure was that I’d never look at her drumsticks the same way again. As I said before, the girl laid down a solid beat. On that day, her beat rocked my world.
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